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Ultrasonic Blinds Cleaning Services

Roman, Venetian, Holland, Timber Blinds: all cleaned with Ultrasonic Technology


  • Ultrasonic Blinds Cleaning in Brisbane

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of blinds is one of the best thorough cleaning processes you could use to take care of your existing window furnishings.

    Your blinds are carefully placed into ultrasonic tanks which produce high frequency sound waves in water.Then specialized ultrasound technology is employed to remove traces of all dirt and grime from the blinds, even the hidden ones!

    It is also 100% environmentally safe as no dangerous chemicals are required for the process.

    Venetian, vertical, pleated and in fact most blinds can be treated ultrasonically bring lackluster blinds back to life .

    We collect your blinds, thoroughly clean them and reinstall them.

    Ultrasonic blind cleaning is great for removing nicotine stains, heavy stains, mould and many other kinds of dirt and grime.

    Ultrasonic blind cleaning not only prolongs the life of your blinds it can also breathe new life into it.

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