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Fiberglass and Vinyl Floor Coverings

We supply and install Fiberglass and Vinyl Floor Coverings that are modern and stylish and practical.


  • Fiberglass & Vinyl Floor Coverings

  • At Frontline Security and Blinds, we understand that owners of residential and commercial properties require a quality flooring that can last and also put up with the challenges of everyday residential and commercial wear and tear and still look amazing everyday.

    We offer a customized flooring solution. Our design and choice of material will mean your flooring is functional, aesthetic and cost-effective and above all stylish and modern.

    For all commercial and residential projects we will fit and install a flooring solution in a way that creates minimum disruptions to your staff or everyday living routine.

    We specialise in Vinyl and or Fiberglass floor coverings.

    If you are not really sure which flooring would be best for your property or home, get in touch with us and we can have a no obligation chat.

    We understand that different offices or homes have different requirements, so we will be advise you on the best flooring to suit areas with high foot traffic, the best flooring if you have little children or pets or have a high foot traffic area.

    We can help you make the right choices for areas that need to be durable and waterproof.Eg Near kitchens or Laundry.

    For commercial properties we can suggest the best for areas that your customers may see or frequent such as the foyer, waiting room, boardroom or reception areas.

    We specialise in Vinyl and Fiberglass floor coverings and have many colours and designs to choose from.

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